Methyl Bromide Fumigation

What is Methyl Bromide (Bromomethane)?

Methyl Bromide is a substance used as a fumigant and pesticide used in the export of products in shipping containers leaving Canada.  The primary use of methyl bromide is in logs, hard and soft woods, food and food commodities (eg: beans, lentils, peas, grains) and in storage facilities.  Container Fumigation uses methyl bromide when fumigating shipping containers prior to leaving Canada to ensure they are free from pests.

Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Logs and Wood lienced, permitted (permit from Environment and Climate Change Canada) and insured in Methyl Bromide Fumigation of logs, crates, pallets, soft and hard wood leaving Canada for foreign destinations.  We are one of the few companies with the knowledge and capacity to fumigate large quantities for wood.  Although wood, moving crates and pallets are exempt when moving between Canada and the United States items (logs, wood, pallets, crates) shipped overseas must be treated. 

Practical Uses of Methyl Bromide in Canada

Methyl Bromide is an effective pest management product and used to control insect and rodents in large food facilities and in shipping containers leaving the country.  Peas, lentils, cereals, grains, flour, pet food, beans, rice and pasta can contain populations of food infesting pests. 

Profession, Safe

Methyl Bromide must be handled with care and the use of proper safety precautions.  Only certified experts should apply methyl bromide during container fumigation.  The use of methyl bromide is regulated by the Pest Management Regulatroy Agency (PMRA) of Health Canada and we are one of the few companies have the proper licensing to handle fumigation using methyl bromide. 

Phytosanitary Fumigation Certification

There are other methods utilized by in the realm of Phytosanitary Fumigation.  Phytosanitary Fumigation Certification is necessary to work with any fumigation products for items leaving Canada.   For more information on Phytosanitary Fumigation and Certification click here.
Methyl Bromide Fumigation of Beans being shipped overseas
Methyl Bromide Fumigation of chickpeas being shipped overseas
Methyl Bromide Fumigation of peas being shipped overseas
Methyl Bromide Fumigation of lentils being shipped overseas


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